It has been a very exciting year here at TradeSmith. As you know, one of our goals here is to constantly improve our programs. In this last 内幕更新 of 2019, we’d like to reflect on all the updates we’ve created this year for our various programs.



As you may know, TradeStops is our flagship program. It helps you manage your 投资组合 by putting risk and market volatility to work for you. With just a few clicks, you can balance your 投资组合 for equal risk parity, build an entirely new 投资组合, and even search and position size for investments you don’t yet own.

In January, TradeStops got four updates.

With Pure Quant, you can build a new 投资组合 based on a data source. This could be watch lists you made or even your newsletters. We added the indices from TradeSmith 的想法 as a data source for Pure Quant. We also added the diversification filter.

我们还与 LikeFolio 集成。 LikeFolio 系统根据来自社交媒体的消费者情绪为您提供股票评级——看涨、看跌或中性。

最后,我们在我们的时事通讯中心添加了 InvestorPlace Media 作为发布者。

February was another active month for TradeStops.

With the PVQ Analyzer and 资产配置 tool, we added the ability to select multiple 投资组合s for analysis.

We also added the Ideas tab to the Position Card Page for TradeSmith 的想法 subscribers. This tab lets you see if a position meets any of the TradeSmith 的想法 strategy requirements and lets you see if the position appears in any of your newsletters.

We created a much sought-after new alert — the 2 VQ alert. This alert lets you know when your position has risen in value by 2 Volatility Quotients. So, if your VQ was 15%, you would get an alert if your position rose in price by 30%. When a position adds 2 VQ, you could potentially 双倍赢家 for great new profits.

最后,我们在时事通讯网格中添加了多头/空头列,因此您知道您的交易是买入多头还是卖出空头 - a非常重要的区别!

March was a little less active for TradeStops, but no less important.

我们将 LikeFolio 作为发布者添加到我们的时事通讯中心。他们的时事通讯包含看涨、看跌和中立头寸的建议。这些数据就像在公司发布每个季度的收益报告和预期之前就了解公司的发展方向。在华尔街成为新闻之前,您可以了解主街上的言论。


We created the 仪表板. This lets you see your 投资组合’s Distribution, performance, top winners & losers, and recent events as well as trending stocks, changes in your watchlist, and recent newsletter recommendations.

We created a new version of the 股票分析器. Previously, there were multiple steps to simply search for a new ticker. With this update, you can simply type a ticker at the top of the page to search for a new ticker. It makes the research process much faster!

The 头寸规模计算器 got a revamp too. With this update, you can now position size based on dollar investment risk, risk percentage of the 投资组合, or by equal position risk.

8 月只看到了一个更新。

We created a consolidated notification. This bundles all corporate actions (like 股息, spin-offs, & splits) and changes in position size (purchases or sales). By creating this bundled report, you don’t get multiple emails from us, and our alerts won’t get blocked from reaching your inbox.

November had three updates for TradeStops.

In the 股票分析器, you can now expand the chart to fill the screen. This is great for when you want to dig deep into the details or even just have a larger view of a position’s performance. Another update to the 股票分析器 (and Position Card Page as well) is the comparison feature. After you look up a stock, you can now compare it to another stock. This can be great when trying to decide which stock to buy between two very similar investments.


TradeSmith 的想法

Our TradeSmith 的想法 program helps you find great new stock ideas without needing to spend hours reviewing financial statements or conducting crazy amounts of research. We analyze the markets for you, create various strategies, filter your newsletters, and even let you create custom stock filters. All these tools can be used in a matter of minutes to find your next great potential trade.

In January, the SSI Distribution was added to our Market Health charts. This helps you easily visualize the percentage of positions in the SSI Red, Yellow, and Green zones over the past year. It’s a great way to see if a market or sector is healthy or not.

2 月,我们的股票搜索器进行了一些国际更新。您可能知道,我们的股票查找器可让您创建自定义过滤器,以根据您的标准查找最佳股票;此更新允许您通过添加英国、加拿大和澳大利亚过滤器来查找国际股票和指数。

In March, we added a 仪表板 to TradeSmith 的想法. This 仪表板 gives you a quick overview of the markets, trending stocks, recent Ideas Lab results and newsletter recommendations, and saved Stock Finder filters.

TradeSmith 的周期

September saw the release of our newest program, TradeSmith 的周期. This program puts the power of time cycles into your hands with just the click of a mouse. Remember, cycles are events that repeat themselves on a regular basis — including cyclical events found in the markets. By using time cycle analysis, we can attempt to forecast the movements of markets, stocks, commodities, and even cryptocurrencies.

TradeSmith 的周期 lays all this out for you in easy-to-navigate tabs. You can review all the features of the program in our 知识库.

In October, we further updated TradeSmith 的周期 by adding a 仪表板. This 仪表板 lets you easily visualize where various cycles stand in their lifespan — if there are upcoming bottoms or tops or even if an investment is currently in a bottom or top.

TradeSmith 解码器

December saw the release of our TradeSmith 解码器 service. 2020 and the ensuing decade could turn out to be perilous to some investors, but for others, it could breed generational wealth and spectacular opportunity. Our dedicated research team will help our Decoder subscribers navigate the upcoming storm and survive and thrive in the new decade.


We know that our subscribers love hearing from our research team, and our team loves writing to you! Did you know we’ve updated our editorial process? Now, instead of getting educational, investment news just a few times a week, we provide this great content every day! You can access all this great content on our TradeSmith Daily website.

As the year comes to a close, you might be considering rebalancing your 投资组合. But, do you know if rebalancing is right for you? Well, Tom Meyer and Marina Stroud will help you answer that question tomorrow in their live webinar. Make sure to dota2竞猜赛ig-2023DOTA2DPC东欧巡回1第1区靠谱的外围单注APP下载安装|刀塔2国际现场比分官网 at 1 p.m. Eastern. It’s not something you’ll want to miss.


As we near the end of 2019, the entire TradeSmith Team can smile looking back on the updates we’ve accomplished this year. These updates allow you to become an even more independent investor and make the most of your investments.

当然,我们的团队也计划在 2020 年进行一些重大更新。鉴于未来十年的预期波动性,我们一定会让您了解所有功能增强的最新信息以及如何使用它们来生存和发展。

If you have any questions about the features we’ve discussed today, please feel free to reach out to us. We’re always happy to help you. Our email is [电子邮件保护].

直到 2020 年,

TradeSmith Customer Success Team